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Workshop design and facilitation

Our consultants have experience in workshop design and facilitation that stretches across a broad range of workshop purposes and outcomes.

Workshops often serve the organisational need to bring people together from vastly different parts of the organisation, or from different parts of the business system, such as suppliers, customer or clients, key stakeholders, employees and management.

It may be that change is to be heralded, expansion is imminent, new policy needs to be formulated or complex problems require integrated, ‘whole of organisation’ thinking for resolution.



Our approach, using consultants’ well developed understanding and skill in working with group dynamics to design and then facilitate workshops, consistently delivers outcomes beyond our clients’ expectations.

We are skilled in designing the kinds of forums that allow maximum engagement, minimum unhelpful conflict, and the greatest collective results that can then genuinely be ‘owned’ by workshop members. Those who attend such workshops and forums are then inspired to take up their responsibility to further the work begun at the workshop back in the day to day workplace.


Senior Leadership Development

Facilitating organisational change

Influencing organisational culture

Coaching teams

Individual role coaching

Workshop design and facilitation

Transitions in mergers and acquisitions

"I believe that the application of psychology within organisations enriches the lives of those employed by and involved with the organisation."