Designed Interventions……. specialists in tailored consultancies that result in sustainable change – for individuals, groups and organisations.


What you can expect from us

Designed Interventions will work with your organisational leaders and staff through the difficult dynamics that are part of being people at work. In short, we bring our understanding of psychology, groups and organisational dynamics to the creation of sustainable systemic change.

In the Hospital and Health sector, we have successfully designed and delivered integrated leadership development programs, tailored to the specific needs of the medical leaders (senior clinicians) and the Executives within the hospital system.

In the Justice sector our reputation is unsurpassed as knowledgeable experts in the myriad of arenas and contexts in which the Justice system operates from prison management teams, the culture of Courts and the interface with Court users across all stakeholder groups




.In the stakeholder engagement arena we are known to work successfully to align the interests and relationships across otherwise difficult divides.

As facilitators we are keenly sought to design and deliver workshop series that genuinely engage and deliver on the necessary outcomes. Our deep understanding of group dynamics and the relationships between groups means we can work at different levels to impact the outcomes for your organisation.

"I believe that the application of psychology within organisations enriches the lives of those employed by and involved with the organisation."