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Transitions in mergers and acquisitions

The context of rapid organisational growth, mergers and acquisitions places high demands on organisations to effectively manage the transition from a previous familiar state of functioning and performance to that of a new combined, ‘improved’ organisation with the promise of even higher performance and greater return on investment.

The time frames in this context are often truncated, demands for information heightened, relationships with potential partners often ill formed, even tentative, and the need for some secrecy paramount. Although plans and time schedules are drawn, greater influences will often mean that time frames are changed without much notice – shortened or lengthened.

All of these factors suggest that the level of performance required of the team leading the transition is considerable and that support for the establishment and ongoing functioning on any such leadership or management team will have very tangible impacts on their performance and the quality of their work as a team.



Our approach to succeeding through mergers and acquisitions is to establish and work with a Transition Management Team within the organisation facing rapid growth. This team is carefully chosen and well supported, and charged with a complex and challenging task. Their role is a primary one of charting the murky terrain of integrating newly merged or acquired businesses into the existing business with as little ‘downtime’ and disturbance to normal business as possible.

Designed Interventions has established a process for facilitating the start-up and consulting to the development of Transition Management Teams within organisations to deal with the inherent issues of rapid growth or actively pursuing a merger or acquisition. We provide expertise in a number of roles to support and enable an organisation’s Transition Management Team to take up and hold their critical role within your rapidly expanding organisation. Our approach is strategic and results-oriented, integrating the unique experience of the employees involved and the desired new organisational culture and it delivers benefits through the transition management team.


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Transitions in mergers and acquisitions

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