Designed Interventions……. specialists in tailored consultancies that result in sustainable change – for individuals, groups and organisations.


The Journey

Designed Interventions began in Perth, Western Australia in 1996 as the organisational consulting practice for Joanne Fitzgerald. Clients included large private organisations, such as Qantas, government departments like the Education Department and small professional services companies like Simmonds Le Ferve.

In May 1998 Designed Interventions was awarded the Western Australian MicroBusiness Award after establishing itself as a highly professional, effective and successful consulting business.

Designed Interventions was then a national winner in the 1998 National Officeworks® Micro Business Award™. It was with this national success as a platform that Designed Interventions was sold as a business entity in Perth and relocated its base to Melbourne.


Our Mission

To work in partnership with organisations, groups and individuals to design and provide meaningful interventions that are responsive to the unique culture and 'personality' of the organisation, enhancing the work performance, work enjoyment and leadership within organisations.


The Company

Designed Interventions provides professional consultancy utilising the framework of organisational psychology, socio-analysis and contemporary business management practice.

The consulting approach is tailored to the individual needs of the client group and offers client organisations a process – not an ‘off-the-shelf’ package – designed to fit the ‘personality’ and culture of the organisation.

Designed Interventions, working in partnership with its client organisations, has proven success in leadership development, organisational diagnosis and intervention, effective change management, increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Key consulting areas include:

Senior Leadership development

Organisational Change

Organisational Culture

Team Coaching

Individual Role Coaching

Workshop Design and Facilitation

On consultancy projects Designed Interventions has the option of providing services independently or of contracting the services of one of a network of similarly qualified and experienced consultants.