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The future of well lead, efficiently managed, high quality patient care in health systems within Australia relies on true engagement of both the Executive administrators and senior clinical staff in each hospital and health service in defining common goals, developing strong effective leadership and in genuinely pursuing two-way communication.

In pursuit of such leadership and engagement, Designed Interventions Pty Ltd has been contracted on several occasions to partner with Victorian Hospitals to design and facilitate integrated leadership development programs, tailored to the specific needs of the medical leaders (senior clinicians) and the Executive within the hospital system.

We are currently facilitating the FIFTH such program and each previous program has been considered a great success by both the hospital executive and the groups of participants involved.

We believe the uniqueness of this program contributes greatly to its effectiveness and the particular aspects of this program.

Foundations of the intervention

This program is founded on a number of principles that support the effectiveness of the intervention for the individuals and for the organisation involved. Firstly Designed Interventions, through this unique program design, is working with the executive leaders of the health system to reflect upon, influence and lead the culture of leadership and hence the broader culture of the organisation. Each individual in the program is being encouraged and assisted to increase their understanding and their take up, of their leadership role on behalf of the organisation. Each program is uniquely designed with participants to ensure the greatest effectiveness and impact across the whole organisation. The constructs and language of role clarity, role authority, and personal authority, in alignment with organisational imperatives and culture, become shared, useful tools.




Learning Objectives & Expected Outcomes of the program:

Designed Interventions consultants will work with members of your organisation to achieve agreed learning objectives and expected outcomes. Our programs to date indicate that anticipated outcome could include the following:

For the Organisation:

  • Evidence of increased drive, passion and ambition for leadership roles
  • Demonstration of senior medical engagement within the organisation, enabling greater awareness of and commitment to priorities and imperatives
  • Exploration of and clarity regarding the importance of the role of medical leadership, thereby learning to operate from role in different situations
  • The development of high performing, high potential leaders
  • The development of a strong cohort of medical leaders, role-modeling and creating a new culture of leadership amongst the medical workforce
  • Insights into future leadership development and workforce planning solutions for the medical workforce

For individual medical leaders:

  • Greater insight into self
  • Greater ability to self-manage in a complex environment
  • Frameworks for understanding and taking up leadership roles more effectively
  • Greater capacity to lead and manage others as a senior medical leader
  • Increased clarity as to the role of medical leaders across whole organisation
  • The formation of a peer group of medical leaders

Each program is uniquely designed to meet the identified needs of the particular health service. The common components of the series of programs designed and conducted to date include:

  1. Selection of participants (i.e. senior medical staff)
  2. An official organizational launch
  3. Role coaching over a 6 month period
  4. Workshop series for the group of participants
  5. Refresh meetings
  6. Governance and thought leadership group meetings with the CEO and Executives
  7. A framework for ongoing learning

If you think that your organisation can benefit from this program, please contact us today to discuss how Designed Interventions can work with you.

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