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Individual role coaching

The approach to coaching is to focus on the individual’s role and the professional and organisational issues that are faced within that role and the context of an organisation. An individual CEO, managing director, partner, executive or senior manager may need to explore role issues and to develop insights and strategies for the businesses and initiatives that they lead. The exploration of role, the dynamics of the organisation and the manager’s work content can be material for these sessions.

Our approach to role coaching is a collaborative process, where the efforts of both the coach and the client are crucial, enabling the role consultation process to provide focused reflection, inquiry, feedback and appropriate challenges to a person’s view of how they perform in their work roles and their view of themselves as a professional within



the context of the unique organisation or project.

The focus of any session is on the material that the individual brings from their workplace; issues, opportunities, dilemmas – whatever one wants to work on. Between sessions with the consultant, the individual takes their thoughts and learnings into practice in ‘their real work’. Then the next session can in part focus on the experience of this transfer of skill or knowledge and the result noticed.

Individual role coaching is a highly tailored, responsive intervention that aims to assist the individual to increase their self-awareness in role, to improve their role performance and better engage with all relevant parts of their organisation.


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