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Frequently asked questions

1. What is an Organisational Psychologist?

Organisational psychologists seek to understand the complex relationships occurring in workplaces in order to enhance organisational effectiveness, productivity and individual wellbeing. Organisational psychologists apply psychological principles and methods to understand and influence work behaviour and attitudes, and organisational structures.

2. How are Organisational Psychologists different from Human Resources Advisors and other consultants?

While Human Resource Advisors and other consultants may (or may not) have an undergraduate degree, some do not have tertiary training at all. Comparatively, Organisational Psychologists are required to complete a minimum of six years of undergraduate and postgraduate tertiary education.

Once registered as a psychologist the organisational psychologist works to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and professionalism, as dictated by the State requirements of registration. Organisational Psychologists work to a solid theoretical and practical framework and set of methodologies that support and enhance the work they can do in your organisation and the effectiveness of the results.

3. Even if we are a small company can we still use Designed Interventions?

Absolutely! Our way of understanding your company and your people dynamics will add terrific benefit to the way you lead and manage your company and your people; and the way you deliver on your bottom line.

The need for rapid and effective change is prominent for all businesses these days and so the size of the projects we deliver vary accordingly. Many small businesses, family owned businesses and start up companies have used our services to further their own success and satisfaction.

4. How can Designed Interventions help family businesses?

Family businesses have needs and sensitivity that are not part of other companies’ culture and history. We have successfully worked with family business to explore and implement such things as: succession planning; family values; and family constitutions. We also consult on issues related to the unique family aspects of such a business, especially the inter-generational issues of vision for the company, place in the market and management development.


5. Will our normal work be disrupted?

Anything in this world that is worthwhile comes at a price! And so it is true that some time ‘offline’ may be required by management and staff in order to effect the kind of change outcomes you seek. But the amount of that will vary and the ability of Designed Interventions to tailor projects to work within your time and productivity deadlines will assist to ensure the least disruption possible.

In fact our preferred way of attaining sustainable change is to work with “real time” projects and in action learning. This means that although some time is necessarily taken to reflect on what is happening (how else can individual learning truly happen?) the majority of the time is spent in doing one’s actual job.

6. What difference and benefits will we see in our organisation?

This depends of course on what you contract us to do with you, but at the very least you will see an increased level of communication around the organisation and an enhanced clarity about what everyone and every role is there to deliver and be accountable for!

7. Does Designed Interventions deal with individuals with problems in the workplace?

Not really. If you seek assistance to deal with one person’s problems, then we would refer you to your organisations employee assistance program or alternatively you can search for registered psychologists in your area.

If you seek assistance for a team, group or organisational issue, then Designed Interventions is right for your organisation!”

8. How can we find out if we really need Designed Interventions?

Designed Interventions offers an initial consultation at no cost to you so that you are able to gauge how powerfully we can work with you and your business.

So just contact us directly and we’ll be happy to meet with you.

"I believe that the application of psychology within organisations enriches the lives of those employed by and involved with the organisation."