Designed Interventions……. specialists in tailored consultancies that result in sustainable change – for individuals, groups and organisations.


Facilitating organisational change

In organisations today there is often a need to enhance the capacity of the organisation to achieve its performance targets whilst effectively managing the implementation of change, retaining good staff and improving the quality of work life.

Our approach is a tailored leadership and management strategy, specific to the organisational goals and experiences that focus on the work of the organisation, its strengths and the needs of its people.



We work with executive and senior management and key groups through interviews, group discussions, workshops, role coaching and action learning and the exploration of informal systems and influences.

The influence of the organisation’s culture and the dynamics unique to that industry and specific organisation cannot be underestimated. This method of change management ensures participation and involvement from all levels by working to make overt the dynamics that impede or support sustainable change.


Senior Leadership Development

Facilitating organisational change

Influencing organisational culture

Coaching teams

Individual role coaching

Workshop design and facilitation

Transitions in mergers and acquisitions

"I believe that the application of psychology within organisations enriches the lives of those employed by and involved with the organisation."