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Coaching teams

For many managers and directors managing the team is one of the most challenging aspects of their role in their increasingly complex role for the organisation. Senior managers often struggle with issues affecting team and individual performance such as interpersonal conflict, poor role definition, ambiguous direction and leadership, and individual differences concerning job security and the priority of the task at hand.

Our approach to developing teams is to explore the team and work culture, working as a facilitator and consultant to the team processes either working ‘off-line’ (such as a ‘team development workshop’) or during project real time activities (i.e. double tasking). New directions and ways of operating as a team are set, tried, reviewed and authorised.

We provide observation, interpretation and feedback to the team which is then enabled and assisted to deal with issues and get back


on task. This can be especially important for teams within rapidly changing organisations that are working in complex environments, often involving challenging matters and decisions of an emotional nature which impact significantly on people’s lives.

Team consulting is about focusing not just on what the team does but how it does it. It requires a team to look at how it undertakes its work and to develop its capacity to achieve its goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner. Without a process focus, the benefits of a team approach cannot be fully realised. As neutral, external professionals, we are ideally skilled to offer a team consultancy role to your organisation.

The results include the development of capacities to reflect and learn, greater understanding of the team dynamics, greater role clarity, stronger take up of appropriate role authority, enhanced relationships within the team, greater individual contributions to team functioning, and increased team performance.



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